Trekking with the team | Sapientury
Sapientury team celebrations
Sapientury team ideation session
Komala Chenna and Kushal S L | Co-Founders | Sapientury
Sapientury team vacation
Sapientury team vacation
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So, what's in the name?

Educating Sapiens for the Century | Sapientury vision

Well, we're educating
Sapiens for the Century!

Making quality education accessible to engineering students at affordable prices.

We're an EdTech Startup that's building a parallel education system for undergraduate education in India.

In short, we're educating the next generation of leaders,
one student at a time.


How we create a difference?

Zeal to learn.

As an EdTech company, we PREACH lifelong learning. We encourage all our members to upskill themselves regularly, and try out new domains to see what they like. 

Drive to change.

It's not going to be an easy feat to change how students get educated. We're hard workers because we know what's at the end of the tunnel.

Empathy to others.

Whether its our team members, or our customers, we make sure we're as accommodative and empathetic as needed.

Sapientury is creating a difference through their zeal to learn, drive to change and empathy to others.



Komala Chenna, COO and Kushal S L, CEO (Left to Right)


Dr Pratima Khandelwal

Dr. Pratima Khandelwal

Lead Facilitator

Deepika Varshini | Team at Sapientury

Deepika Varshini

Content Head

Komala Chenna (COO), Sapientury and Kushal S L (CEO), Sapientury

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