Chiguru  @ Karnataka

21-Day Student Induction Program for Karntaka's Tech Colleges

Chiguru is a Free Student Induction Program initiated by Sapientury to help Engineering colleges across Karnataka in faster technology adoption and enhanced virtual learning, as prescribed by the NEP 2020.

In partnership with Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM)


4 + 1 Modules to help
Sprout   Students' Minds

7 Survival skills for the 21st century

Students will be exposed to globally encouraged 'survival skills' to help them navigate the 21st century.

Career Based Education

Students will explore their options after engineering, and will be guided to start preparing for their chosen path.


Teen 2 adult transition

Students will learn about essential 'Adult 101' topics like personal finance and time management.

Introduction to Engineering Essentials

Students will be introduced to what engineering really means, and some engineering terminology to prepare them for the next 4 years.

Let's Get Sprouting

A 50-episode 'live talk' show with industry professional, eminent speakers, and role models who will share their stories and inspire students.


We're currently conducting Chiguru in partnership with select colleges across the state of Karnataka.
If you want Chiguru at your college, please let us know! 

Thanks for the response! Now we know where to expand!

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