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Build Real Engineering Projects Using DIY Kits At The Comfort Of Your Home

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Learn Arduino through bunch of 7 Interactive Online Micro-courses taking you from beginner level to inter-mediate level in Arduino

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Get an Arduino Starter Kit to work hands-on and build cool stuff!

Your Journey through the 7 Micro-courses

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Introduction to world of Development Boards

Diving in the "C"

Tinkering and Prototyping with Arduino

Arduino Engineering



Going Above and Beyond

Course 1

Course 2

Course 3

Course 4

Course 5

Course 6

Course 7

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Arduino Starter-Kit to set up your own mini-lab at home!

What will you develop after DYKA? 

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Programming skills

You will be learning "C" Programming the best way possible and become pro in dealing with Arduino Software!

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Hands-on Experience

You will be working on Hands-on projects based on various Sensors & Actuators to enhance your project-building skills

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Innovative thinking & Problem solving ability

Learning Arduino will enable you to come up with ideas and build prototypes for your own projects!

Developing REAL engineering skills does come with a cost - a little money and largely, your time on Social Media!

Now get serious and choose what works best for you!


I am an absolute beginner! I have no hardware components with me! 

Interactive Courses + Arduino Starter Kit


7 Interactive Online Micro Courses with 11+ Hours of Learning Content

Arduino Starter Kit with 30+ Components 

Program End Certification 

I am an absolute beginner! But I do have an Arduino Kit

Interactive Courses (Without Kit)


7 Interactive Online Micro Courses with 11+ Hours of Learning Content

Program End Certification 

I have learnt Arduino, I just need a kit to work with

Only DYKA Arduino Starter Kit


Arduino Starter Kit with 30+ Components 


First of all, what is this Arduino!? I have no clue about it! 

Is this going on your mind? Calm down, we have got a FREE demo video to help you understand Development Boards!

Obtain a certificate to showcase your performance!

Total Duration : 700 Minutes 

Self-paced courses, accessible anytime, anywhere!
Personal mentor support for doubt clarifications
Start & end the course based on your convenience
Kit shipped to your doorstep within 6-7days once enrolled


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Some cool stuff done by our students!

Frequently asked questions

Are these live classes?

No. Don't worry we understand you are already listening to enough live lectures! DYKA Courses contain simple pre-recorded conceptual & demonstration videos not crossing more than 10 minutes each!

I do not know anything about Arduino, am I eligible to enrol?

DYKA does not have any pre-requisite. It is designed for absolute beginners to get started with building amazing engineering projects!

I have exams my coming up, What do I do?

DYKA courses are available for a period of 2 and half months!. Just enroll now and you can watch them anytime later too!

When will the kit be shipped?

Once you enrol, the kit will be delivered to your doorstep within 7-8 days.

How many components does the Arduino kit have

The kit has 30+ components including Arduino Board, basic Electronic components like Resistors, capacitors, Sensors including Ultrasonic sensor, PIR sensor, IR sensor, and actuators including LED, Buzzer, Servo Motors, DC motor , etc

Currently I am at my native place, will the kit be delivered there?

Yes, it will be delivered anywhere across India (wherever the courier services are functioning)


It was a great learning experience with DYKA. The bootcamp gave a clear insight into all the basic components and coding along with hands-on experience through the kit provided. This is definitely an excellent stepping stone for beginners to enter the Arduino World. Thanks, Sapientury!


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2nd year Engineering student

RV College of Engineering Bengaluru

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