What does "Sapientury" mean?

Life   at Sapientury   

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Well, we're educating Sapiens for the Century!

What is   Sapientury?

We're an EdTech Startup that's building a parallel education system for undergraduate education in India.

In short, we're educating the next generation of leaders, one student at a time.

Demo Day TiE U #1.jpg
Demo Day TiE U #1.jpg
Demo Day TiE U #1.jpg

We're Incubated

We're working at Cisco's ThingQbator

We won the Global
Social Impact Award @ TiE

We were in the inspiring Student-led startups from StartupIndia

Zeal to Learn. 

As an EdTech company, we PREACH lifelong learning. We encourage all our members to upskill themselves regularly, and try out new domains to see what they like. 

What's   important   to Sapientury?

Drive to Change. 

It's not going to be an easy feat to change how students get educated. We're hard workers because we know what's at the end of the tunnel. 

Empathy to Others.

Whether its our team members, or our customers, we make sure we're as accommodative and empathetic as needed.

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Who   is Sapientury?

Kushal, Our Boss-Man! 😎

It doesn't take a genius to realize that "Our current education system barely teaches us how to make a living and never how to live a life".

At Sapientury,  I have determined to keep working hard until I get convinced that I have contributed a fair share to radically change how adults get educated. 


Komala, Our Edu-Geek! 🦸🏻‍♀️

Along with my team, I'm working to change how engineers in the country get educated. 
Coming from an eng. background in India, I transferred to the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and am now able to understand well how the education system works in two different countries, and how to truly bring about a change.

Sapientury's 250 Days.png

Deepika, Our Customer Happiness Manager 📈

Hi! I am Deepika, I'm the first employee that the founders hired and I've seen Sapientury grow from day 1. I'm primarily responsible for sales & CRM and I just love speaking, building relationships with new people, everyday!

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Poojitha, Our Cloud Engineer ☁️

This is Poojitha and I'm a huge Potterhead! When it came to choose a career opportunity for me I chose that is closest to magic; cloud computing. I work on Web and Platform development, and find both fascinating like magic!


Rohan, Our Social Media Manager 📱

Hey, I'm Rohan, and I scroll through reels, laugh at memes and create content for the social media handles of Sapientury. Moreover, I'm a serial stalker and I look after every trend that's going viral. That's how fun my job is!


Karuna, Our Illustrationist  👩🏻‍🎨

I'm Karuna, and I work as a graphic designer and illustrator at Sapientury. I enjoy using my illustration skills to make informative material more interesting and appealing, including social media posts.

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You! 👀

Interested in what we do?