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Why am I not getting placed?!

I finished 4 years in engineering!

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What does being an engineer really mean?

Is BE really a professional degree or a certificate of participation

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Introducing  Agile Learning  on Sapientury's Learning
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Iterative and Continous Improvements through Evaluation


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Education start-up Sapientury, which fosters experiential learning in engineering education

through hosting project-based courses online coupled with home-delivered Do it Yourself (DIY) kits, has won the first edition of TiE Women Pitchfest 2021 for women entrepreneurs organised by The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) in Mysuru recently.

The concepts of data structures have been explained phenomenally well and they are very easy to understand.

This is definitely an excellent stepping stone for beginners to enter the Arduino World.


The course gave me a hands-on experience which was something completely new.

Even after the course, I am able to see, understand and do many exciting projects on the internet.


What do Sapientury's  Learners  say?

I got some hands-on experience with Arduino and it was really fun to see the experiments working.


The course gave a clear insight into all the basic components and coding along with hands-on experience through the kit provided.

I understood the practical application of how code runs.

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